Pet insurance claims seem to be getting weirder

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The Pets Best insurer has released another annual list of strange claims for the summer months.

Pet InsuranceA leading nationwide pet insurance company has now released its annual list of the most bizarre claims that have been filed with the provider throughout the summer months, to draw attention to the importance of being careful to protect animals from the unique risks that are presented throughout the hottest parts of the year, and to the difference that coverage can make.

The Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC list of bizarre claims has now been published.

Pets Best opened in 2005 and has been receiving surprising and strange pet insurance claims that are unique to the summer months of the year. It therefore began the tradition of publishing a list of the most bizarre to help to keep animal owners aware of the risks that can occur during this time and to show the difference that a policy can make when the worst does happen.

Even the most careful of owners can find themselves making unexpected pet insurance claims.

The founder and president of the insurance company, Dr. Jack Stephens, explained that “Dogs are often exposed to a wide range of risks during the summer months, as they spend more time outdoors and are exposed to potentially dangerous elements and materials.” He added that while they do encourage the careful supervision of pets by their owners, he also pointed out that “it is also important to be financially prepared for veterinary emergencies. For many families, pet insurance plays a valuable role in significantly reducing out-of-pocket expenses for veterinary care.”

The following are some of the strangest claims that the insurance company has received during summer seasons:

• Tony, a 10 year old golden retriever, ate the handle off a canvas tote bag, finding himself in a veterinary clinic 45 minutes later as a result of his snack decision. Fortunately, when the veterinarian there induced vomiting, the entire thing was brought up, preventing what could have been a very dangerous obstruction in the digestive system.

• Jordan, a 1 year old Irish terrier decided that while bees may not be any fun, eating their honeycomb would be. After becoming extremely sick, he was rushed to a veterinary clinic where abdominal X-rays were taken and fluids were replaced to help to overcome the dehydration from the vomiting he experienced. He made a full recovery.

• Willow, a 5 year old Scottish deerhound generated a $803.16 pet insurance reimbursement when he ate a sandwich in his family’s picnic lunch, including its toothpick. The veterinarian treated, medicated, and monitored him and he made a full recovery.
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