Pennsylvania a leader in covering uninsurable Americans

Pennsylvania a leader in covering uninsurable Americans

The Federal Affordable Care Act has made some provisions to help those who are “uninsurable” to gain healthcare coverage.

Five billion dollars have been set aside for states to create insurance plans for those with pre-existing conditions that make them unable to get other types of insurances. Meant to act as a bridge until 2014, this helps many who need coverage to get it. Pennsylvania is in the lead in setting up and running this system and other states are taking notice.

In Pennsylvania, over 1,650 citizens were able to enroll in the PA Fair Care Program. This is nearly one-fourth of the 8,000 plus people who are placed within temporary pools, being classified as uninsurable. Since PA has had such dramatic success, other states are looking at the program to see what is working so well.

So, what makes Pennsylvania’s plan so different, yet so effective?

First, they have one of the lowest monthly premiums in the nation. At $283.20 on average, with $1,000 annual deductible, it is appealing to many in the uninsurable pool. This is lower than many other states, including Pennsylvania’s neighbor, New Jersey. NJ’s rates vary from about $300 per month to almost $800 per month, depending on age.

Additionally, Pennsylvania’s coverage is very comprehensive. There are more provisions than have ever been available to those in the pool previously.

They also have a very easy, streamlined online application process which allows more to apply. This is really helpful to those who are disabled and have trouble getting around.

Finally, Pennsylvania has been very proactive with its marketing of this plan. They have actively sought those that qualify. Upon seeing what is available to them, so many that desperately need the coverage are enrolling.

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