Over 20 percent of drivers in Texas aren’t insured

Texas Car InsuranceIn Texas, more than 1 in every 5 drivers does not have adequate auto insurance to comply with the laws within that state.

According to a recent report by the Texas Department of Insurance, 21.6 percent of all of the drivers in the state were operating their vehicles while uninsured. Dallas County had the largest number of uninsured drivers among the most populated counties in the state, with 24.1 percent of its drivers lacking insurance. Bexar county followed closely behind with 22.9 percent of drivers being uninsured.

In the entire state, the area with the highest percentage of drivers without insurance was in the south, as 30.4 percent of Cameron County’s drivers were uninsured. Statewide, this means that approximately 4.2 million drivers are without the legally required coverage.

As state officials have been making a significant effort to try to boost the number of insured drivers, the findings in this report were especially discouraging. The TexasSure program was started in the state in 2008 in order to inform drivers that they needed insurance and that remaining uninsured was a problem.

The program started off well, having decreased the number of uninsured drivers from 24.3 percent in 2008 to 21.6 percent in 2010. However, it seems that since that time, the reductions have pretty much ceased.

Many insurance industry experts are blaming the economy for the lack of continued success of the TexasSure program. Others argue that this cannot be the case as the economic struggles started in 2008.

Another argument being made is that the premiums across Texas continue to rise and many drivers cannot afford to pay them. However, what may be the largest issue is that uninsured drivers are not fined for failing to conform to the law unless they are pulled over for some other type of traffic violation.

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