One fifth of licensed drivers would fail the written test if taken now

Teen InsuranceA nationwide driver test survey has shown that 20 percent of licensed drivers do not know enough of the rules of driving to be able to pass the written driver’s test if they took it today. 

Highway Patrol Lt. Janita West, has said that she was not entirely surprised by this, especially in the case of teenage drivers, saying that “they’re so confident, but then they pull out in front of other cars and run stop signs.” West has been a state trooper for 25 years and has been working in driver services for 15 of that time. 

The GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test’s seventh annual results showed that across the country, approximately 36.9 million drivers would be incapable of passing the written drivers test if they were to take it right now.  This annual test survey is considered by GMAC to be “the benchmark for America’s driving IQ.” 

There were 5,130 participants in the study.  They were between the ages of 16 and 65 and were all licensed drivers.  The written drivers test was 20 questions long and the respondents needed a 70 percent accuracy in order to pass. 

The average score across the country was 77.9 percent.  Kansas drivers had the highest score, with an average of 82.9 percent, whereas Washington D.C. drivers had the lowest score, with an average of 51 percent. 

The test also identified some of the rules of the road that were most commonly unknown or misunderstood by drivers.  For example, 85 percent of drivers across the country were not aware of the appropriate action to take upon approaching a steady yellow light.  Moreover, only 25 percent of drivers knew the safe following distance.
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