NYPD caught burning vehicles for fraudulent insurance claims

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The police officer was busted by federal investigators who caught him torching two cars and a Range Rover.

Fraudulent insurance claims were the center of a scheme implemented by an NYPD officer. He was caught after having burned a Range Rover in addition to two of his other vehicles. By the time feds caught him, GEICO had already issued at least $34,000 in reimbursement payments.

Carlos Becker promised two men money in exchange for their assistance in crashing and burning his Range Rover.

That was back in September 2012. The money was promised to the two men if they would help him destroy his gray 2008 Range Rover Sport by crashing and burning it. Law enforcement officers discovered the vehicle in Laurelton, Queens, said court papers. The vehicle had broken windows when it was found. It had been doused with gasoline and burned.

Becker contacted the police as well as GEICO in order to report that his car had been stolen. According to his report, it was taken from his parking space one day beforehand. He filed an insurance claim with GEICO. He subsequently received two insurance payment checks. Together, they totaled $34,260.

After the first time Becker filed two other fraudulent insurance claims before he was caught.

fraudulent insurance claims jail scamIn the next two insurance claims, Becker reported other cars he owned. In 2012, he had an accomplice crash his Audi sedan. Then in 2015, he had an accomplice burn a BMW. During the investigation, one of Becker’s associates explained to investigators that Becker had become “tired of the BMW.” He’d added that if anything should ever happen to that vehicle, he would simply use the payments from the insurance company to replace it.

Federal investigators were busted for his insurance scam when his two accomplices betrayed him and secretly recorded conversations in order to give them to the government. He appeared in federal court on Friday in Brooklyn.

Before filing these fraudulent insurance claims, Becker was a highway cop. He was already the subject of a civil lawsuit where. In that case, he was sued by a woman for $150 million for having allegedly sexually assaulted her after having pulled her over in 2013 for a DWI. That suit was dismissed and he was cleared of the charges of misconduct.

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