New York health insurance exchange set to meet its goal

New York Health Insurance

Enrollments in the state are on track with where it had expected to be and what it hoped to achieve.

So far, while the implementation of the most public facing element of the healthcare reforms has been rather rocky, things appear to be perfectly on track with the New York health insurance exchange, as it has seen over 100,000 people enrolling and feels that it is on track to be able to reach the goals that it has set.

With only two weeks left in which residents are able to enroll in their plans, things are looking good.

New York Health InsuranceThe residents of the state have been steadily accessing the New York health insurance marketplace to make sure that they comply with the healthcare law by enrolling in plans that will go into effect as of January 1, alongside the individual mandate element of the reforms. At the time that this article was written, it was being reported by officials from the Health Department in the state that there were over 100,900 people who had enrolled for their coverage.

The New York health insurance enrollment goal is to have 1.1 million people enrolled by the close of 2016.

Over the past two weeks, the state has been able to use the exchange in order to add an additional 24,700 enrollments to their previous total. This increased the total numbers by a considerable 32 percent. By Monday morning, there had been 100,881 people enrolled. This was up from 76,177 people that had been reported to have signed up on November 24, which was the previous data announcement from the state.

Furthermore, there are over 314,000 people in the state who have completed their applications for receive their coverage through the online marketplace but who have yet to select their specific plan. The state has a broad offering from 16 different health insurers and 10 dental insurers that have received approval from the state to be able to offer their coverage through the site.

Residents have until December 23 to be able to enroll with the New York health insurance exchange and choose their coverage to ensure that it will be active on January 1, 2014.

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