New mandatory cashless health insurance requirement implemented in Punjab

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The government of the northern Indian state has now announced that this program is mandatory for its employees.

The Punjab government has now announced that it is making its cashless health insurance program a mandatory form of coverage for all of its employees as well as for pensioners.

The strategy is meant to help to make sure that coverage is protecting current and retired workers.

According to a spokesperson from the Punjab government, it “has notified the cashless health insurance scheme which has been made mandatory for all the government employees and pensioners. The government has also issued directions to the effect that member enrolment form regarding this should be submitted till November 30 to the concerned DDOs so that the employees could avail benefits under the scheme.” This means that all individuals will need to take part in this program in time for the coverage to become effective as of January 1, 2016.

The annual cashless health insurance provides coverage of up to Rs. 3 lakh (approx $4,500) per year.

india online senior cashless health insuranceAccording to the spokesperson from the Punjab government, participation in this program will be required for all government employees who are currently working, who have retired and new employees who are hired after the enrollment period comes to a close. The program will also be offered on an optional basis for service officers from anywhere in India but who are working within the state.

Through this insurance program, beneficiaries have access to indoor medical treatment for which they do not have to pay out of their pocket. This includes treatments that involve out-patient medical expenses and admission to hospitals, to a maximum of Rs. 3lakh (about $4,500) per family, per year.

In the announcement of the new requirement to take part in the cashless health insurance program, the spokesperson from the Punjab government explained that all beneficiaries registered for this coverage will be able to use the treatment facilities located in hospitals designated by the state government and that are located within the state or in the Chandigarh and NCR regions. The strategy is meant to improve access to quality health care to government employees in Punjab.

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