New health insurance markets in New Hampshire a mystery to residents

health insurance confusion

New Hampshire health insurance exchange confusionSurvey shows that many people lack knowledge concerning emerging health insurance markets

Health insurance continues to be a controversial issue throughout much of the U.S., but one of the major problems with the Affordable Care Act may not be one of acceptance, but one of awareness. New Hampshire Voices for Health, a network of 40 organizations that advocate affordable health insurance coverage, have released the results of a new survey, highlighting the issue of awareness. According to the survey, there is a lack of knowledge concerning new health insurance markets among residents of New Hampshire.

Exchange to provide new way to attain insurance coverage

New Hampshire, like other states throughout the country, is being charged with the development of a health insurance exchange. This exchange will act as an online marketplace where consumers can purchase comprehensive, yet affordable policies. In this way, the exchange is meant to exist as a new insurance market, providing residents with a new avenue through which to obtain the coverage they need.

Survey highlights importance of awareness

The state’s health insurance officials, as well as representatives of the health insurance industry, helped formulate the survey. The survey suggests that many people in the state do not know that a new health insurance market will emerge in the state within the next year. For many, this could mean continued reliance on private health insurance companies, many of whom are expected to raise rates on coverage over the next year, or go without health insurance coverage completely.

State to partner with federal government to build exchange

State officials have been working to raise awareness of the state’s emerging health insurance exchange for some time. This exchange has received some opposition from some state lawmakers in the past. Last year, former Governor John Lynch signed a bill that prohibits the state from building an exchange. Last month, newly-elected Governor Maggie Hassan announced that the state would partner with the federal government in order to establish a health insurance exchange. Apart from the exchange, the state has tentative plans to expand its Medicaid program by the end of this year.

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