New Hampshire to investigate health insurance companies concerning substance abuse claims

New Hampshire Health Insurance

State agency to investigate whether or not insurers are complying with state and federal laws

The New Hampshire Insurance Department will be examining whether or not health insurance companies operating in the state are properly covering substance abuse service, as they are required to. Per the Affordable Care Act, insurers are required to provide the same level of coverage for addiction coverage as they do for typical medical care. New Hampshire has been looking to expand the substance abuse treatment and recovery services it offers in recent years and is keen to ensure that insurance companies are doing their part.

State and federal laws require insurers to provide coverage for mental health and substance abuse issues

The Affordable Care Act is not the only thing requiring insurers to provide coverage for addiction treatment. The federal Mental Health Parity Law, as well as the laws in New Hampshire, make it mandatory for insurers to provide this sort of coverage. In the past, this type of coverage was only available to small and large groups, but now individuals are now required to extend this coverage to individuals in the state.

Agency will investigate complaints coming from consumers

New Hampshire Health InsuranceThe state’s Insurance Department has been receiving complaints that insurers have been denying claims coming from those seeking addiction recovery services. State investigators will look into cases from those that had coverage from January 1 to September 30. The New Hampshire Insurance Department hopes that its preliminary report concerning the matter will be available to the public in January of next year. If insurers are found to be denying claims and avoiding compliance with state and federal law, the state agency has the authority necessary to take action, which could include forcing insurers to pay fines.

Health insurance coverage has become more available for consumers

The Affordable Care Act has successfully expanded health insurance coverage throughout the United States. Not only have millions of consumers managed to obtain coverage through the law, those in need of coverage for mental health and substance use disorder have also been able to find policies that they did not have access to in the past.

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