New Government Health Care Site Launched by Obama Administration

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Obama Health Care Reform News:

For those confused or overwhelmed by the insurance options available to them and their employees, a new government website has been launched. Mandated by the new healthcare reforms, is designed to provide information on the wide variety of plans that are available. This information will be based upon your individual demographics, providing you with a specialized and informative way to compare plans.

For identity protection, personal information is not required.

After inputting a few details such as your age, zip code, employment status, and degree of difficulty in obtaining insurance, the site will provide a detailed list of options. It narrows down information from 5,500 private plans and additional federal and state plans. The user can then get a better idea of the available options on an individualized basis.

Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, shared that the side-by-side comparisons given on the site will enable customers the opportunity to get the best deal for their insurance. Better deals can mean getting more for your money. For some, this can mean a savings on health care premiums. The burden of trying to research all the plans and options is also alleviated. As a result, this facilitates gaining more coverage for all Americans, especially children.

Looking ahead to the future, the site will keep citizens aware of the health care reform and the changes that are coming. As of October, prices of the different plans with comparison charts will be available. This will allow users to compare insurance items, such as deductibles and co-pays, between the different plans.

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