Natural disasters have affected about 1 in 3 American small businesses

Natural Disaster damage insurance trends

A new app has been developed by Allstate in order to help these companies to prepare for such events.

Regardless of how much entrepreneurs would like to deny the truth of the matter, natural disasters do happen, and about one third of U.S. companies are affected by them at some point in their existence.

These can come in the form of severe rainstorms, snowstorms, earthquakes, wind, flooding and other catastrophes.

When these natural disasters strike, insurance claims are much easier to make when certain basic steps have been taken in order to prepare ahead of the storm. Allstate’s new mobile app has been designed to simplify the preparation process by providing helpful tips and to keep a quick and accurate inventory record. This can also provide a foundation for a business to create a disaster recovery plan, which is something that is typically recommended for any company.

The advantage provided by this app becomes clearer when considering the annual U.S. natural disaster statistics.

Natural Disasters insurance trendsAccording to data from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, in 2014, it declared 78 different major disasters and wildfires across the company. Data from the Small Business Majority showed that 34 percent of small businesses in the United States have been directly affected by extreme weather. The Allstate Insurance company conducted a survey that asked “What Keeps Small Business Owners Up at Night?”. What they found was that at least 25 percent of businesses that have had to close their doors as a result of a natural catastrophe have never re-opened them.

The Allstate Claims senior vice president, Mark McGillivray, explained that “Our survey found the fifth biggest risk small business owners fear is the inability to do business because of physical damage to a building or structure.” McGillivray also added that despite the fact that no one actually expects the worst to happen, severe weather impacts the majority of the country and it can happen in any place at any time. “Business owners must be prepared for a disaster so they can rebuild, repair and reopen their doors as quickly as possible.”

Allstate Business Insurance has recommended that small businesses prepare themselves against natural disasters with: an emergency response plan, adequate coverage, a disaster recovery plan and a crisis communications plan.

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