More people have health insurance, but cannot pay for medical care

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Survey shows that consumers are struggling to pay for medical care themselves

The Affordable Care Act has made it possible for millions of people in the United States to obtain health insurance coverage, but the federal law may be falling short when it comes to addressing the cost associated with medical care. A new survey from Families USA shows that many people cannot afford the out-of-pocket costs of their medical care. The health insurance policies that these people have are not making it more possible for them to access medical care, as care remains extraordinarily expensive.

25.2% of people cannot afford seeing a doctor or purchase medication

The survey shows that one in four people that have purchased health insurance coverage in 2014 could not afford medical care. Last year was the first full year in which the Affordable Care Act was fully functional. Approximately 25.2% of people that received coverage through insurance exchanges struggled to pay for medical care or purchase the medications they needed for their health conditions. Though coverage through exchanges has been subsidized by the federal government in many cases, these subsidies only help consumers pay for their insurance premiums and do not provide aid for medical care.

Exchange subsidies do not provide aid for medical care

health insurance care reform usLow and middle-income individuals were affected most by high deductibles and the expensive nature of medical care, according to the survey. Many people are forced to pay a significant amount of money before their insurers are meant to cover costs. This is due to the relatively inexpensive policies that they acquired through health insurance exchanges. These policies have high deductibles, but lower premiums, making them more attractive to some consumers, but the high deductibles represent a barrier for those that need medical care.

Medical costs continue to be a major issue in the US

The expensive nature of medical care has been a problem that has received relatively little attention in the United States. Insurers often cite the rising cost of medical care as one of the reasons that insurance premiums are on the rise throughout the country. If these costs are not effectively addressed, many people may opt to avoid receiving medical care because it remains too expensive.

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