Mitek Systems unveils new mobile solutions suite for insurers

Mobile Commerce InsuranceMitek Systems, Inc., a top mobile imagine solutions provider, has unveiled its brand new solutions suite that will provide property and casualty insurance companies with the ability to offer mobile commerce services that include consumer support, service, and purchasing options using mobile devices.

These new solutions use a mobile device camera to snap images of documents so that small keypads aren’t required for data entry, and to allow some tasks to be automated so that the mobile experience is far superior to what it had previously been.

The first insurer to market using the Mitek Mobile Photo Quoting will be Progressive Insurance. The suite will be integrated into Progressive’s mobile app, which is already available at the Apple App Store. It will allow customers to simply enter their zip code and then use their mobile device to take a picture of their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), driver’s license, and existing insurance ID card.

The patented technology for mobile imagine from Mitek can then automatically draw the relevant information from the documents in the images and auto-populate the mobile quoting app form fields from Progressive. Once the information has been filled in, the user can view it and verify that it is correct before it is submitted. After a few seconds, they will then receive an auto insurance quote and be provided with the option to purchase that coverage.

Mobile business leader Matt Lehman from Progressive stated that they are continually looking for new ways in which they can save time and money for consumers. He added that “With Image Capture, Progressive simplifies the process of getting an auto insurance quote anywhere, anytime.”

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