Minnesota lawmakers clash over recommendations from health insurance exchange advisory task force

Health Care ReformLegislators are clashing in Minnesota over recommendations regarding a health insurance exchange program. The recommendations come from a task force that had been commissioned by Governor Mark Dayton. The task force’s goal was to determine the necessity of a health insurance exchange program for the state. According to the group’s recommendations, the program would bring significant benefits to residents and could help improve the economy of the state, which is why the task force is now supporting plans to build and exchange.

The task force was comprised of some of the state’s insurance regulators and several Democratic legislators. No Republicans participated in the initiative because the majority oppose the Affordable Care Act; the law that requires states to build their own exchanges. Because they have no representation in the task force, Republicans have decried the groups’ findings as incomplete or inaccurate. The legislative session in Minnesota has just begun, meaning that the recommendations may have a chance at survival even without the support of Republicans.

If the state wants to pursue a health insurance exchange program, its legislators will have to pass laws to make the program possible. Even if the recommendations survive, the process of passing laws to make an exchange a reality could take an excessive amount of time. Governor Dayton is encouraging lawmakers in both parties to work together for the sake of state residents who will benefit from a health insurance exchange.

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