MEMA releases flood insurance information for consumers

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MEMA information could help consumers understand their policies and file claims

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) has released information that aims to help the victims of flood file flood insurance claims. Mississippi residents that have flood insurance receive their coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The majority of the state’s homeowners, however, do not have coverage that protects them from the damage caused by floods. Yet, many of these homeowners believe they are adequately protected by the coverage they receive through the state’s wind pool policies. MEMA aims to highlight the value of proper flood insurance as well as provide assistance for those that need to fileInsurance news claims.

Most NFIP policies are limited in scope

According to MEMA, most NFIP policies do not provide rental assistance for those that have been displaced by storms and floods. In these cases, homeowner’s insurance policies may provide this type of assistance and consumer should contact their insurance agents if they have specific questions about this coverage. MEMA also notes that typical flood insurance policies typically provide coverage for a home and its positions, as well as its plumbing and electrical infrastructure, but a separate policy may be required for detached homes and garages.

Personal items may be protected through some flood insurance policies

Flood insurance contents policies provides protection for personal items of limited value, but MEMA notes that these policies are not likely to cover damage that could have been prevented by the policyholder. MEMA is encouraging consumers to get in contact with their insurance provider if they have questions concerning their policy’s protection on personal items and whether additional insurance coverage may be necessary.

MEMA advises documentation and communication with insurance providers

Hurricane Isaac has caused widespread flooding in Mississippi and other states. MEMA is advising those affected by the storm to take numerous pictures regarding the damage floods may have caused to their properties. Insurance adjusters have been deployed to help consumers file claims and access other services. MEMA notes that the sooner consumers get in contact with their insurance provider, the sooner they are likely to have their claim processed and begin receiving benefits if applicable.

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