MCV Insurance Producers launch new interactive website aiming for personal experience

Online Health InsuranceCalifornia based insurance broker MCV Insurance Producers have launched a new online marketing campaign. The agency is promoting their new website,, hoping to take advantage of the surge of consumers turning to the Internet to shop for coverage.

MCV boasts of the efficient and interactive nature of the website and believes that it provides a place for Californian shoppers to educate themselves on a variety of coverage types. Shoppers can also find local agents in their area and get in touch with them through the website.

More people are opting to purchase their insurance online as technology becomes more integrated into their lives. While the majority of insurance companies have a prominent presence on the Internet, only a select few have taken steps to sell policies online. Online insurance aggregators have become very popular in recent years. So much so that Allstate purchased one of the biggest online aggregators, Esurance.

One of the driving factors behind online shopping is the widespread use of mobile technology. Web-enabled mobile devices, such as Android or the iPad, have freed people from being rooted to their desktop computers. Consumers can now handle their online business wherever they may be with ease. By catering to these mobile consumers, insurers are finding a new corner of the insurance market that has yet to be saturated.

MCV’s focus is on interactivity and personal experience. The agency has built a number of interactive features into their website, such as the “Virtual Insurance Agent,” which allows customers more personalized service.

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