Maryland aims to promote crop insurance through new initiative

Crop Insurance

Crop Insurance

Department of Agriculture to educate farmers on crop insurance

The Maryland Department of Agriculture has taken an aggressive stance in promoting crop insurance. The severe drought that has gripped the U.S. has caused unprecedented damage to crops throughout many states. There are no signs that the drought will abate any time soon, leading government officials to tout the protection that could be provided through crop insurance. Maryland officials have embarked on a mission to educate local farmers on the protections they can receive through appropriate coverage.

Ongoing drought draws attention to importance of crop insurance

The Department of Agriculture has allocated additional funds to advertising and translation in order to reach out to farmers working in the state. The agency is currently translating crop insurance materials in order to make them more accessible to the three ethnic demographics that represent the agriculture industry. The agency is also working to develop a number of policies that reflect the changes in climate and environment that are occurring in the state. These measures are meant to increase the number of farmers that are protected through crop insurance policies.

Uninsured farmers may face serious financial losses

Uninsured farmers stand to face significant financial losses if their crops are damaged by the drought or other natural disasters. Crop insurance would be able to offset the financial impact of these disasters, if not eradicate them entirely. The losses that are not covered by crop insurance policies may be covered through federal program that are meant to alleviate the damage caused by lost crops.

Financial impact of drought not yet fully realized

Maryland officials note that it is far too early to measure the financial impact that farmers have faced in the drought. Those without crop insurance and t he underinsured are expected to bear the brunt of these financial losses. These loses may continue to mount until the Department of Agriculture can successfully translate crop insurance materials into Spanish, Vietnamese, and Korean. Once the translations are complete, it is expected that crop insurance will become more popular amongst these groups.


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