MAPFRE now available to car insurance policyholders through Mexican Insurance Store

Mexican InsuranceMexican Insurance Store has recently received authorization to sell MAPFRE Mexican auto insurance products as an element of their effort to offer their customers the largest possible variety of affordable policies.

This initiative provides the Mexican auto insurer with the ability to offer a broader number of travelers with products that will meet their needs. According to the founder and director of the company, Linden Gray, they are thrilled with the MAPFRE addition to their offerings. Gray went on to say that they are always seeking additional methods with which to provide their customers with a wider array of choices.

Equally, Gray said that their dedication is to offering only high quality auto insurance products for Mexico businesses, adding “MAPFRE offers unbeatable quality at very low prices. We’re sure that our customers will be pleased.”

MAPFRE is an insurance company based in Spain that has been in operation since 1933. It has, since that time, developed a strong reputation for its quality, reliability, and affordability. This helps to explain how it has become the top Spanish insurance company, which is quite a significant position.

It is noteworthy that though the company is headquartered in Spain, its claims are handled quite locally for Mexican customers. An employee from the Mexican Insurance Store explained that according to the law in Mexico, insurance companies there must be located within the country. Though MAPFRE is based in Spain, its offices located in more than 40 different countries around the globe. Claims will be processed within Mexico and at their McAllen Texas-based exclusive claims processing center.

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