Man pleads guilty to murder in life insurance fraud case

Serious Life Insurance Fraud

The individual has admitted to helping a friend kill his wife in order to claim the policy’s benefits.

A DNA match in evidence from a murder case has led a man to plead guilty to having helped his friend to kill his wife so that benefits could be claimed on the life insurance policy that had been taken out for her.

Initially, Dellendo Campbell had thought that he was not going to be caught for his involvement in the murder.

The reason that Campbell believed that he wouldn’t be caught is that his role had been entirely hidden from police until an arrest was made in a separate case. This brought law enforcement directly to his doorstep. When Campbell submitted his guilty plea in federal court, it provided the final element to replace the missing link in the horrific murder plot from a life insurance scam that played out five years ago in a Kent County, Maryland, field.

The life insurance case has been a bizarre one and it has required years to assemble all of the details.

According to prosecutors, Campbell drove his Navy friend, Ryan Holness and Holness’s wife, Serika Dunkley out to a field in Kent County. Dunkey had been living with the couple’s two children in New York. Prosecutors claim that Holness was finished with his wife and had a number of girlfriends. He then purchasSerious Life Insurance Frauded an insurance policy on his wife’s like and lured her into the field, where he killed her and staged the crime scene to look as though a carjacking had occurred.

Greg Shipley from the state police in Maryland, said that “He said, as they stopped for gas along the New Jersey Turnpike, they were accosted by a suspect wearing a ski mask, a black hooded sweatshirt and gloves.” That story was, however, completely fictitious. In reality, Holness stabbed his wife twelve times and Campbell took off in their car, driving it to Washington D. C., where he dumped it. To make the story appear more real, Holness even cut himself and ran to a farmhouse that was nearby in order to seek assistance.

Holness was convicted and sentenced to life in prison, three years ago. However, it wasn’t until very recently that police knew who was behind the wheel of the car in this life insurance fraud case. DNA evidence had been taken and entered into a federal database, but it was not connected to anyone. When Campbell was arrested in California for domestic violence, his DNA was taken and a match was found to the old murder case.

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