Lindsay Lohan to star in auto insurance commercial for Super Bowl

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The actress, who has been known for headline making traffic incidents, will be in Esurance ads.

There have been several reports that have been making the news that have suggested that Esurance auto insurance commercials have already started filming in Long Beach, California that feature Lindsay Lohan.

The insurance news reports continued by indicating that the ads may be played during the Super Bowl.

This would mean that Lindsay Lohan’s power to instantly draw the eye will be seen by what is expected to be a record breaking television and online audience of more than 100 million consumers. The actress is a very interesting choice for the insurer, as Lohan is well known for having been involved in collisions and other types of traffic and auto insurance violations while behind the wheel.

This would give viewers even more reason to pay attention as Lohan is quite experienced with auto insurance.Lindsay Lohan auto insurance commercial

The issues with Lohan’s insurance claims from her antics behind the wheel started in 2007. Since that time, she has been charged several times with DUIs and had also allegedly been in a collision with another vehicle in 2012, outside of a club in West Hollywood. After that, the actress found herself hospitalized when she totaled her Porsche while driving in Malibu.


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At the time of the writing of this article, Lohan’s representatives had not yet responded to requests for comments on this subject. These commercials will mark the first time that the former child star has been employed since December, when she polished off the last segments of Speed-the-Plow. She spent some time on a tropical vacation during the holiday season and it appears that she’s ready to get back into working life, once again.

The ability to do some high profile auto insurance commercials is certainly good news for Lohan, right now, as she had contracted a mosquito borne illness, called the Chikungungya virus, early on during her trip. That disease is potentially deadly, so it is positive news – to say the least – that she is well again and is working to create the ads that could run during the Super Bowl.

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