Leo Burnett creative agency and Allstate part ways after sixty years

Leo Burnett and Allstate Part Ways

The insurance company is moving ahead with Droga5 from Accenture Interactive.

Technically speaking, Allstate insurance moved away from Leo Burnett and toward Accenture Interactive’s Droga5 as its creative agency several months ago, but the businesses have now officially ceased working together.

At first, the door was left open for the continued handling of projects, but that has now ended.

When Allstate insurance first started looking elsewhere, it had left the door open to Leo Burnett to continue handling projects. However, the insurer has now chosen Droga5 and the door is now closed to its old relationship.

Droga5 is now leading Allstate’s creative advertising account following a review process, said a recent Chicago Business report. The report also indicated that another competitor in the review for the spot was Wieden+Kenedy (W+K).

Allstate had remained with the same company for over half a century. However, the marketing company ceased its connections with the Publicis Groupe shop a number of months ago when it changed its strategy to include inhouse creative. Allstate left the opportunity open for Burnett to continue handling projects, but it simply never happened, said the report.

An Allstate spokesperson said that Leo Burnett isn’t its only marketing creative agency.

Instead, the spokesperson said that the insurer works “with several respected agencies.” However, when asked specifically about who this did and did not include, an immediate reply to Chicago Business was not issued.

Estimates published by COMvergence indicate that the insurance company currently spends about $502 million on measured media every year.

The Leo Burnett creative agency from Publicis Groupe was at the head of Allstate’s creative account for over sixty years. This relationship between the marketer and the insurer brought about a number of household taglines and well recognized campaigns. Among the most easily recognizable was the “You’re in good hands” tagline delivered by Dennis Haysbert, as well as Mayhem, the character regularly wreaking havoc in the company’s commercial spots.

By the time of the writing of this article, it hasn’t yet been made clear whether or not Leo Burnett and Allstate Part Waysthe agency will continue to have any connection at all with Allstate Insurance now that Droga5 has been appointed to lead the way.

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