Kukun and Jerry.ai Announce Partnership, Making It Simple to Shop for Home Insurance and Estimate Renovation Costs in One Place

Kukun and Jerry.ai Announce Partnership, Making It Simple to Shop for Home Insurance and Estimate Renovation Costs in One Place
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MENLO PARK and PALO ALTO, Calif., March 11, 2021- Kukun, the leading data-driven home renovation analytics platform, announces partnership with Jerry.ai (Jerry), a cutting-edge machine learning-powered personal concierge for home and car insurance.

This partnership is one example of how Kukun works with top-tier providers in the lending, insurance, retail, real estate, and wealth management sectors in order to connect homeowners with all of the tools and services they’ll need during the life cycle of homeownership. The Home Insurance Comparison tool can be found here: https://bit.ly/3b6ORco

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Jerry, which adds another feature to our one-stop-shop for all things home renovation. Home insurance provides vital protection for a homeowner and gives the consumer long-term stability and peace of mind that their investment is protected,” says Raf Howery, CEO and founder of Kukun.

“At Jerry, we make home and car insurance shopping as easy as possible, providing the maximum insurance coverage at the lowest price with the most personalized experience,” says Art Agrawal, CEO at Jerry.ai. “When our customers know their investment is safe and they’ve made the best insurance choice, they can focus on enjoying their home and making memories. Kukun provides its customers with everything they need as homeowners — home loans, renovation calculators, and planners, assistance with selling or buying a forever home, and even downsizing for retirement. We’re proud to offer our customers this partnership in 2021 and beyond.”

The partnership brings the benefits of Kukun’s home renovation tools and the security of Jerry.ai’s home insurance to their mutual consumers.

About Jerry.AI:

Jerry.ai thinks owning a car should be as easy as taking a drive and owning a home should be as easy as opening your front door. Every year, over 200 million Americans need to deal with buying and renewing insurance — and all the hassle that comes with it. Jerry.ai has built a machine learning-powered personal concierge that helps customers find the right coverage at the best prices for car, home, and renters insurance. Customers can get new quotes from top carriers in just seconds. Then, Jerry.ai’s team of qualified agents will take care of the entire switching process and keep customers updated if their same coverage becomes available for a better price in the future. Learn more at https://getjerry.com/how-it-works

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About Kukun:

Kukun is the single destination for your home’s transformation. Our fully digital, data-driven solutions empower homeowners to make more informed decisions regarding home-related spending. We offer tools, content, and analytics powered by our proprietary data warehouse, as well as the ability to find reputable contractors and lenders. Homeowners can estimate the cost of a given project, assess the impact it will have on the value of their home, and manage the project from start to finish – all via Kukun’s website or mobile app. With Kukun, homeowners have everything they need to manage home-related spending confidently and effectively. Visit https://mykukun.com/ to learn more.

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