Kirk Herbstreit joins the Allstate Good Hands Challenge to raise scholarship money

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The ESPN college football analyst and Emmy Award winner are challenging football fans.

The Allstate Good Hands Challenge is going ahead this year with ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit challenging football fans to play flick football to score scholarship money for the company’s net schools.

Herbstreit launched the kickoff for the event by challenging David Pollack to football flicks.

The Allstate Good Hands Challenge’s first football flick occurred on November 21, when Herbstreit challenged David Pollack, three-time All-American defensive end, College Football Hall of Famer, and first round NFL pick.

“Allstate is giving this throwback tabletop game a virtual twist,” explained Herbstreit. “We’re making new holiday traditions by bringing family and friends together for a virtual college football-themed game night.”

The Allstate Good Hands Challenge lets football fans contribute to a scholarship fund and win bragging rights.

Fans participating in the event have the opportunity to challenge each other to the best paper football flicks on Twitter or Instagram. Those who perform exceptionally or who create particularly unique or wild flicks may be featured in a highlight video that Herbstreit will commentate.

Every time a football flick video is posted to Twitter or Instagram while using the #GoodHandsChallenge hashtag, Allstate has promised to make a $10 donation to Allstate Good Hands net schools’ general scholarship fund, to a maximum total of $150,000.

The game continues through December 13, 2020. From now through to that date, the best football flick videos will be featured on the Instagram and Twitter pages of both Allstate and Herbstreit. Taking part is simple. It involves folding a sheet of paper into a triangle shape similar to that of a paper football. Then, the phone camera needs to be set up to record the flick through a set of uprights (without forgetting to press the record button for the video). Once the video is made, it must be shared publicly through Twitter and/or Instagram, using the official hashtag and the social handle of the person being challenged.

To find out if the video was featured along with other celebrities, coaches and fans using Allstate Goaod Hands Challenge - hand holding a ball of moneythe hashtag, participants are advised to watch the Allstate Good Hands Challenge weekly highlight video by Herbstreit.

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