Kansas health insurance regulators begin reviewing rate increase proposals



Kansas Health insurance officials to comply with federal law

Kansas insurance regulators have begun reviewing rate increase proposals coming from the state’s insurance companies that are 10% or higher. This is a new practice from state regulators, who had traditionally only reviewed rate proposals that exceeded 12%. The change comes due to requirements imposed by the federal government through the establishment of the Affordable Care Act. According to the health care law, insurance regulators in each state are required to review rate increase proposals that seek to raise rates on health insurance coverage by 10% or more.

Despite opposition, Kansas works to comply with Affordable Care Act

Kansas health insurance officials have made no secret their disdain for the federal health care law. The Affordable Care Act has no shortage of enemies in U.S. politics, but was nonetheless upheld by the Supreme Court in June of this month. With the law being upheld, the states that once opposed it are now scrambling to comply with its provisions before they are confronted with deadlines. In the case of health insurance rates, if states do not have an adequate rate review process they will lose the authority to regulate health insurance rates to the federal government.

Kansas health insurance officials to review several rate proposals submitted since September 2011

The law’s rate review provisions officially began in September 2011. Several states had opted out of complying with the provision until the fate of the Affordable Care Act had been determined by the Supreme Court. During this time, the Kansas Department of Insurance received four rate increase proposals from health insurance companies that sought to increase premiums by more than 10%. Regulators will begin reviewing whether these rate increases are warranted. If not, the insurers responsible for the proposals will be required to re-evaluate their proposal and re-submit at a future date.

Opposition to federal law still strong

Health insurance continues to be a serious issue in the U.S. despite the upholding of the Affordable Care Act. The federal law has served to make significant changes to the country’s health insurance industry and has been steeped in controversy since it was initially passed in 2011. Several states continue to show opposition to the health care law despite its constitutionality.

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