Kaiser Permanente plans to pay consumers to lose weight

Kaiser Permanente of Colorado has announced that policyholders may be eligible for cash bonuses if they are willing to lose weight.

The insurance company’s new “Weigh and Win” Kaiser Newsprogram will award consumers with up to $150 every three months if they lose a certain amount of weight and keep it off. All adults are eligible to participate in the program, but participation is not mandatory for all Kaiser Permanente policyholders. The insurer claims that weight loss is as effective mammograms and cancer screenings in helping consumers manage their health.

The insurer has invested more than $500,000…

to initiate the program and hopes to have special kiosks set up in major cities throughout the U.S. The kiosks are equipped with scales and a video camera that will allow policyholders to record their progress. The insurer believes that the cash incentive will make the program a success. If consumers can be encouraged to adopt healthier lifestyles, insurers can expect to save more money on medical care.

Weight is directly associated with a number of health concerns,

such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. These illnesses can be costly for both the consumer and insurance companies. By encouraging consumers to lose weight, Kaiser Permanente is attempting to find a solution to one of the largest health problems in the country. Kaiser’s plan is rare in the insurance industry, but that may soon change depending on whether it is successful.

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