International insurance news is coming from Nigeria with its health coverage

nigeria international insurance news

nigeria international insurance newsThe country expects that its healthcare plan will be providing its residents with coverage by 2015.

According to the latest international insurance news announcement from Nigeria, the new healthcare system will have been created and implemented across the entire country by 2015.

The system is designed to run on a community level and is meant to provide everybody with coverage.

According to the acting National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) secretary, Dr. Abdulrahman Sambo, the Community Based Social Health Insurance Scheme will be effective across all of Nigeria by 2015. This was expressed in an international news interview that was held in Auchi Edo State.

This international insurance news has been drawing the attention of the entire globe.

The international insurance announcement was made as the Auchi Allied Association Mutual Health Scheme was jointly assembled with the CBSHIS. According to Sambo, “By 2015, we intend to cover the entire country; we have identified 110 communities across the country and there are about 100 others that have approached us.”

Though the local and state governments have found this international insurance achievement to be a challenging one, it has been made a priority to invest in the wellbeing of the country’s vulnerable and poor populations, said Sambo. He added that “The scheme is contributory in which individuals are expected to make regular financial contributions into a pool.”

He explained that there will be a subsidy that is geared toward providing individuals who cannot afford the contribution with the assistance that they require in order to ensure that they can benefit from the coverage, which is being considered, by some, to be an international insurance achievement. Though it is a community based program, and will cost N150 per person, it has spread to the state governments across the country. The local governments will need to determine how many people they are capable of covering. The more people there are who can afford the coverage, themselves, the more will be able to take advantage of this program.

The reason that this is drawing international insurance attention is that it is hoped that other countries in similar circumstances will watch the progress of this model and work to achieve their own coverage successes.

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