Insurance policy purchased for Kim Kardashian’s backside

Kim Kardashian Insurance Policy

The celebrity feels that her bottom requires coverage worth $21 million.

The star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians has decided that her curves are worth protecting with an insurance policy, and has followed up on this belief by covering her derriere for $21 million.

Kim Kardashian is well known for her figure hugging clothing which requires a fabulous fanny.

Kim Kardashian Insurance PolicyApparently, it wasn’t Kim, herself who made the decision to buy the insurance policy. Instead, it was her fiancé, Kanye West, who though that her posterior was adequately important that it needed its very own protection. According to an insider who was quoted in a U.K. magazine publication called Grazia, the star’s bottom has always been a matter of discussion and hype. For that reason, Kanye recommended that she take out the policy to make sure that its value is protected.

Between the two celebrities, this isn’t the only body part that will have its own insurance policy.

It has also been rumored that Kanye West has started the initial steps to purchase protection that will cover his voice. It looks as though the couple, who are going to be married later in 2014, feel that their bodies are worth quite a bit of money. The British magazine’s source stated that the coverage for West’s voice is a more challenging process than insuring Kardashian’s rear end.

The insurance process has been slow for West’s voice because he feels that his voice is worth more than any of the valuations that have been obtained, so far. When Kardashian’s buttocks were insured, there were a number of different factors that were taken into consideration, including how much of her work is actually based on that part of her body, and what the impact would be to that work if she should experience damage in that area.

These are far from the only celebrities who have purchased insurance policies for their body parts. As has been previously reported on Live Insurance News, Jennifer Lopez has also insured her backside, though her coverage was for $300 million. Bruce Springsteen had covered his voice in the 1980s for $5.7 million (though this would be much higher in today’s dollars).

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