Insurance news scandal and media fire response from Citizens

Florida Insurance News - Citizens insurance

Florida Insurance News - Citizens insuranceThe Florida homeowners insurer of last resort says that the dramatic reports are misleading.

The homeowners insurer of last resort in Florida is now responding to the latest insurance news that includes heavy media fire regarding the scandal that surrounds the closure of the company’s watchdog department.

Citizens says that much of the media coverage is highly misleading and is quite inaccurate.

The CEO of the state backed insurer gave his own insurance news statement. Barry Gilway did agree that there have been a small group of supervisors within the company that have behaved inappropriately within certain individual incidents, but that the other allegations being quoted by the media have either remained unsubstantiated, or they have already been disproved.

The insurance news announcements from Gilway were bold and stood behind the company’s choices.

He stated that “The last time I looked around, we were still in the United States of America.” He went on to say that “We have not been annexed to a communist regime. We still have some basic rights. Those rights include innocent until proven guilty.”

Last week, Gilway requested the opportunity to address the media’s insurance news accusations, following the release of documents containing hundreds of pages describing allegations of sexual harassment, misappropriations of funds, lucrative severance packages, and other behaviors that are considered to be inappropriate. These involved supervisors at Citizens and occurred between the years 2004 and 2010.

Within one of the documented cases, two supervisors from the insurer removed their bras and danced at Tampa’s Coyote Ugly bar during a 2009 company retreat. However, it has also been documented that those two employees were both disciplined for those inappropriate actions. Gilway also addressed the accusation that a supervisor from the company was practicing law without a license in Florida. However, the CEO said that the situation remains entirely unsubstantiated.

Although Gilway did say that he was “disgusted” with the actions of some of the Citizens employees, which occurred years before he took his position in June 2012, he shot down the media’s insurance news accounts, saying that they took incomplete and unsubstantiated information and presented it in a misleading way in order to cause harm to the entire company’s reputation.

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