Insurance news made when high school football player inspires law

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The Governor of Illinois has just signed a new bill that was inspired by an injured student.

Pat Quinn, the Governor of Illinois, has just signed a new bill into law, making insurance news when he added his signature while visiting Eisenhower High School, located in Blue Island Illinois.

The reason that the signing occurred at that high school was that the law was inspired by one of its students.

The insurance news started back in the year 2000, when a student at Eisenhower, who was on the football team, was injured during a game. Rocky Clark was tackled during a football game, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down.

football sports student insurance newsfootball sports student insurance newsThis insurance news made it back to the headlines when Clark died last year, more than a decade after he was paralyzed.

Rocky Clark passed away 12 years after having sustained his injuries. He was 28 years old. For a decade of that time, he was receiving nursing care in his home, round the clock. However, after ten years of coverage, at the age of 26 years, his policy ran out and his mother was forced to begin taking care of him, essentially on her own.

Mr. Clark regularly made insurance news by battling for better health coverage. He was an outspoken advocate for the issue. Now, Governor Quinn has signed a bill into state law that requires schools to offer their student athletes catastrophic coverage policies.

Insurance news media rushed to Annette, Rocky Clark’s mother, to receive her perspective on the new law. She feels that her son would have been happy with the progress that is being made. She stated that “It’s something that needed. It’ll never bring my son back. But he didn’t die in vain.”

Annette Clark also added to her insurance news statement and explained that her own health is not doing very well. She explained that due to the fact that she is physically unable of working at the moment, she is afraid that she is at risk of losing her home. The story of the Clark family is drawing attention to serious issues that are affecting all too many American families.

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