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health insurance confusion

health insurance confusionResearch shows that 89 percent of employees select the same coverage options every year.

According to the results of a recent survey which are making insurance news, 54 percent of workers in the United States would opt not to gain greater control over their health plan options because they feel overwhelmed by the requirement to make this type of decision.

The survey was conducted online with the participation of thousands of decision makers and workers.

This was the third annual Aflac WorkForces Report and it has been making insurance news following the survey it involved, which included the online participation of over 5,200 American workers and almost 1,900 benefits decision makers. It was conducted by Research Now in January 2013, and the report on its findings have been released by Aflac.

The insurance news report also pointed out trends in compensating for coverage gaps and cost changes.

For instance, the Research Now survey indicated that 62 percent of U.S. workers had indicated that they felt that their out of pocket costs would be increasing. However, this made insurance news when it was determined that among that group, only 23 percent were putting money aside in order to cover those potential increases.

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Furthermore, the report showed that 75 percent of employees feel that they should receive information from their employers regarding the way in which their healthcare coverage will be changing as a result of the federal overhaul of the system. This insurance news showed that there is a desire for workers to receive this education from their employers, and yet, only 13 percent of companies felt that providing this information to their employees was important to their organizations.

The respondents made this insurance news headline when 89 percent said that they continued to select the same health plan every year, and that many of them don’t actually understand what options are available to them through that coverage. Furthermore, 53 percent said that they were afraid that they may not be managing their coverage adequately, and that this may be placing their families in a position in which they are not as covered as they could be.

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