Insurance news made as almost 3 in 4 women see gender equality progress in industry

women in insurance news gender equality

A recent study has shown that 72 percent feel that insurers are headed in the right direction.

According to the insurance news making findings from the Women in Insurance Global Conference, 72 percent of women within the industry feel that insurers are making progress toward the goal of achieving gender equality.

Two out of every three claim that they have seen efforts made within their own insurance companies.

These were the findings from the conference, which was hosted by the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF). The insurance news came from over 650 female industry professionals who were hosted by the event. This represents the second consecutive year in which a notable majority of the attendees at the conference and who responded to the survey said that they felt that their companies were making gender diversity improvements.

These insurance news results show a lot of promise with regards to the direction that the industry is taking.

women in insurance news gender equalityAccording to the IICF executive director of the Northeast Division, Betsy Myatt, “As evidenced by the tremendous turnout of the 2015 Women in Insurance Global Conference and the engaging discussions it created, companies are clearly recognizing the need for a more gender inclusive workplace.” Myatt added that “Each year, we’re seeing more and more people inspired to champion change.”

Myatt also pointed out that a considerable proportion of the attendees of the conference had established their own women’s mentorship groups and networks in order to encourage improved achievements and advancements among the women in their insurance companies. This has been seen as an important step for women within the insurance industry, as 24 percent of the participants in the research identified networking opportunities as the most critical component to establishing gender equality.

That said, it was also clear that the insurance news survey respondents felt that there remained a distance that has yet to be traveled before the actual goal of gender equality would be reached. They stated that they still felt that limited upward mobility opportunities in their organizations was the largest barrier to leadership positions. Thirty percent felt that women, themselves, are not doing enough for self promotion.

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