Insurance news from Direct Line places Steve McQueen in the top driver’s seat

Steve McQueen in Bullitt

Participants also rated their favorite movies and events.

Direct Line, an auto insurer in the United Kingdom, has released the results of a recent movie survey that is making insurance news regarding the preferences of viewers in motor-related films.

Respondents wSteve McQueen in Bullittere requested to share their favorite actors, movies, and silver screen moments.

The headlines made by these results was that there are some definite preferences among the British, while watching movies with car scenes. For example, the top rated car film, according to the participants in the survey, was Herbie, with 12 percent of the vote. In second and third place within this same category were Bullitt (11 percent) and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (10 percent).

Bullitt was certainly a favorite as a whole as its star also made insurance news.

Steve McQueen received the most number of votes for being the best driver in a movie. Specifically, he was recognized for his role in Bullitt. In fact, he raked in approximately 20 percent of the vote. This beat out the character, James Bond, who received 17 percent of the vote. The third place prize, with 11 percent of the vote, was taken by Vin Diesel, for his role in the blockbuster “The Fast and the Furious” film.

Though still in the same insurance news, but not quite as surprising, was that the Italian Job’s famous car chase scene was selected by the survey participants as the best motoring scene within a film. Twenty seven percent of the respondents chose this scene.

In order to broaden this insurance news event, Direct Line is now offering annual two for one movie passes to any new customers who sign up for auto coverage before the end of August.

The head of auto policies at Direct Line, Steve Price, explained this insurance news event by saying that “More than half of film fans agree that the expenses associated with the cinema impact how much they go. With Direct Line’s new offer, customers can benefit from straightforward car insurance and the added bonus of a year of discounted nights out at the cinema.”

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