Insurance news doesn’t look good for high school athletes

insurance news for football players

A spike in premiums could make it cost prohibitive to keep players on the fields and courts.

As the insurance news spreads about a considerable rise in the cost of coverage, it looks as though a growing number of high school athletes – particularly football players – will be spending their time on the sidelines instead of on the field.

High school football players are finding that they are no longer allowed to play due to insurance costs.

In the case of players at Exeter-West Greenwich High School the required health insurance skyrocketed to $200 after having been only $10. Because of this painful insurance news, the players were not allowed to practice. The premiums made it too expensive for the school to be able to afford to allow the students to play.

Aside from the premiums, there have also been complaints about this insurance news regarding the warning news for football players

According to the football coach at Exeter-West Greenwich, Mike Waters “I actually thought when I read the form it was a typo,” adding that “It is a big hit and the way times are today it’s tight. The thing is there was not a lot of notification.”

That school had only learned about the increases last week, nearly immediately before the school year was about to start. The insurance rate has now increased to $20 for student athletes in any activity, and $200 for those participating in football.

While some parents may be able to take on a cost of that size, the concern is that this will not be the case for all families, which could place school football teams in some very difficult positions. Among the choices that are being made by the schools and school districts, at the moment, include a decision for a temporary moratorium on the requirement for students to buy the interscholastic league insurance policies, allowing them to seek out their own private coverage, instead, in case they will be able to find cheaper but adequate coverage.

This was the choice made by Exeter-West Greenwich according to an insurance news announcement that was released by the school. The high school’s committee chair, Teri Maia-Cicero explained that “We’re coming up with a waiver for the parents to sign and show proof of insurance as we continue researching everything and come up with a final solution to the whole situation.”

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