Insurance Marketing

Insurance Marketing – Lunch and Learn!

In the insurance business, getting clients in the door is an obvious step that needs a tune up once in a while. Because most consumers shy away from the all-out sales pitch, these lunches are a great way to show what you can do what you know in a low pressure atmosphere. There are a few tips to make these a success, and if you can swing these, make sure you plan ahead and do it well. Get the right people in front of you and show off what you know and then make the sale on the follow up. These are popular because they work and can be win-win for all involved.

The first thing you should so is to plan a date and time, and then pick a topic that is hot right now.

Lunch is often a great time because it is limited in scope – usually aInsurance Marketingbout an hour – and frankly, everyone needs to eat lunch. Topics should be discussed in some detail during this lunch so you have to do your homework. Some hot topics might be health care reform or disaster relief. There are more and you can look to current events for what people are talking and thinking about right now.

Get the word out about your Lunch and Learn.

You can do this by sending out a mailer to your mailing list or you can use automated calling asking clients to RSVP due to limited seating. Creating a sense of urgency is a great way to get those interested to sign up quickly. You can also have clients who have already committed to coming bring a friend. At the same time, plan your menu. Have a nice variety of foods and don’t forget fruits, vegetables, and healthy drink options. Mention these in your mailings.

Plan your presentation carefully.

Use your chosen topic and find out how to present the material as well as any problems that come along with that topic. Brainstorm what some problems may be and then what your answer, as an agent, would be to fix that problem. Think of this as a very soft sell without being overly pushy. Present the problems and your solutions and they will remember. Education is the main goal, so do not forget that. Do this right and your brand value goes up significantly. Don’t forget to send out thank you cards to those that attended and the follow up calls. These are often where sales are made.