Insurance industry social media can define an agent’s success

Insurance industry social media

A massive generation of consumers depends on social and mobile but many agents and brokers aren’t keeping up.

From the point of view of the Millennial generation, insurance industry social media is, for the most part, lacking. Sure, the large insurers all have their own Facebook page and Twitter accounts, but many agents and brokers don’t.

Failing to provide even the most basic experience on social platforms can be a critical mistake.

The main problem with insurance industry social media is that the presence simply isn’t there when it should be. Far too many insurance agents feel that it would be too complicated, time consuming and expensive to keep up a social presence. What they don’t realize is that stepping into social networks is no longer a choice. It is a necessity.

A massive generation of people is now entering the workforce, buying homes, leaving their parents’ health plans and driving cars. This is a connected generation. To find information, particularly about insurance companies and policies, they go online. To communicate with people, they look to Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms. Therefore, failing to create even the most basic business page on those platforms is essentially choosing invisibility to that generation and a growing number of consumers from other generations as well.

An insurance industry social media strategy starts with a business page and continues with content.

Insurance industry social mediaFor insurance agents seeking to get started with social media – something better done sooner than later – the first step is typically a Facebook page. These are quick and easy to create. The site walks you through the process. Add your page name, a short description, hours and contact information. That’s a vital start.

Next, start adding content. That means sharing posts and links to keep your page active and relevant. Does that mean that you need to be able to come up with something clever and insightful a dozen times per day? Not at all. Instead, you can share the occasional helpful reminder and holiday greeting, while filling in the rest of your posts with links to insurance industry news, tips, and other articles and sites your customers and prospective customers might find interesting and informative.

Sharing articles written in comfortable lay-speech (that isn’t filled with complex industry jargon) can keep your customers informed, build your reputation as an expert and promote trust. This will generate likes and shares, a free and effective way to enjoy online marketing for your business. Live Insurance News encourages you to bookmark this news magazine site and “Like” its Facebook page so you will always have a daily article to share over your own insurance industry social media page.

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