Insurance industry may be vital to solving some of the world’s problems

Bill Clinton insurance industry

Bill Clinton identifies three issues that are significant problems for the global community

Bill Clinton insurance industryThe insurance industry may be vital to helping the world overcome some of its most serious problems, according to former President Bill Clinton. Both insurance and risk management may be needed to help the global community overcome the problems relating to the inequality of access and opportunity, political instability, and climate degradation. Clinton has identified these three matters as the most significant challenges facing the world today, and insurers may be in a position to help the world address these issues.

Insurers may be able to help mitigate the world’s most serious threats

The insurance industry is especially adept at identifying and mitigating the risks associated with changing global trends. Insurers are well versed in matters relating to political instability, climate change, and the availability of resources as the industry, as a whole, has dealt with these issues for several years. Because of the industry’s extensive experience, insurance may be one of the few tools that proves effective against the world’s most major threats.

Insurers may influence mitigatory efforts regarding climate change

According to Clinton, reducing the negative force of climate change is something that the insurance industry can do. The insurance industry may be able to influence mitigation endeavors by providing coverage for the development of new sea walls and coverage for structures that are both energy efficient and resilient against natural disasters. Insurers can also spur the adoption of renewable energy by providing coverage to new energy projects that are taking root throughout the world.

Insurance companies tend to avoid the topic of climate change due to its controversial nature

Insurers are well aware of the risks that exist, especially those relating to climate change, but most have been neutral on these issues. Politics can often affect business, and insurance companies are, indeed, for-profit businesses that must be aware of consumer behavior and concerns. Because climate change is a particularly controversial issue, many insurance companies have avoided addressing the issue specifically, but they have taken steps to offer products that are designed with climate change in mind.

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