Insurance industry in Ohio will add thousands of new jobs

Insurance Jobs

Insurance Industry JobsA tremendous number of new positions are opening up among the companies in the state.

The Ohio insurance industry is promoting itself as an excellent place to start or accelerate a career with a large number of new job opportunities opening up among insurers within the state.

The looming talent gap in Ohio could inhibit growth unless positions are filled and people are trained.

The state has identified the financial services and insurance industry as a central sector for employment in Ohio. In fact, it is the seventh biggest state for jobs related to insurers, as there are 256 companies employing more than 100,000 people, say officials.

It is believed that from now through 2018 there will be over 17,000 new Ohio insurance industry jobs.

Insurance industry companies in Ohio will be opening up those thousands of new positions over the next five years primarily because it is expected that current employees in the baby boomer generation will be taking their retirements. This was revealed by a commissioned study.

At the moment, there are approximately 17,000 people currently working for the four largest insurers that are based in the state’s capital. These are The Motorists Insurance Group, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. State Automobile Insurance Group, and Grange Insurance. This, according to the chief executive officer, president, and chairman of Motorists, John Bishop.

Bishop and his insurance industry colleagues from thirteen other insurers in the state are working together to help to address this upcoming gap in talent in the state. They have collaborated to form the Insurance Industry Resource Council in order to deal with this potential problem. Bishop, himself, is a co-chair of this group, which is both a public and private partnership that works with the Ohio Department of Insurance as well as various trade associations.

Together, they hope to enhance the impact of the campaign to raise insurance industry job awareness that has already been launched by the Council. The struggle that they have been facing is that people don’t often consider this type of employment when they are considering their career paths in the future. They are hoping to change this trend.

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