Insurance industry group releases booster seat safety list

auto insurance industry safety

The IIHS has now issued its list of the test results that it conducted on these child safety products.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has just released a list of the booster seats for children that it has deemed to be the most safe, and that will provide insight for the insurance industry.

The group has now tested many of the leading new booster seat products on the market.

Among the 31 new booster seats that made it to the market this year, the IIHS has now provided the insurance industry and consumers with data regarding the tests that it conducted on 19 of those products. It has identified the products that have been the top performers in terms of keeping children safe.

auto insurance industry safetyThe insurance industry has unveiled these results to help parents and caregivers to make better informed decisions.

Among the top ranking safety seats as per this insurance industry group’s testing is the Harmony Transit Deluxe, and the Britax Parkway SG in “highback mode”. These products both received leading rankings from the IIHS as their shoulder belts provide a proper snug fit across the shoulder’s center, and their lap belts were able to lie flatly across the upper thigh area. It is these features that are believed to keep the child the most safe during transportation in a vehicle or in case of an incident.

At the same time, there were some other products that were not considered to be top performers. In fact, the insurance industry organization added those products to its “not recommended” list, for having failed to pass the tests in a satisfactory way. Those two products were both from the Dorel Juvenile Group.

This helpful information from the insurance industry is available on the IIHS official website for consumers who would like to learn more about the tests that were conducted on the products and the performance of the individual safety booster seats within those tests. This information should be considered vital before making a purchase in this category of safety products as it is among the primary ways for a consumer to be able to understand the true safety performance.

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