Insurance company drones are a common part of the claims experience

insurance company drones aerial

These small pieces of equipment make it faster and safer for adjusters to create their estimates.

To an increasing degree, adjusters are using insurance company drones to help them to assess the damage in routine claims processes. These gadgets let adjusters check out rooftops, and other difficult to reach areas without having to risk climbing up on a ladder or checking into parts of properties that have sustained damage from weather or other unexpected events.

While this was once a rare practice, using drones for insurance claims assessments is becoming mainstream.

It wasn’t long ago that insurance company drones were used by only one or two main insurers. Now it has reached the point that adjusters for major insurers are using them quite regularly. Company reps no longer need to bring a ladder with them. They pilot drones instead of climbing onto a roof. This is an extremely safe and efficient way of doing business.

A roof inspection using a ladder will take around on hour on site. Multi-storey and steep step roofs make the inspection even more lengthy and can frequently require a specialist with additional equipment to be on site. On the other hand, an insurance assessment drone captures video and pictures of a roof or other area that is challenging to safely and easily view. Depending on the size of the structure, the drone can collect the necessary images and video in around 10 to 20 minutes without the need for any extra equipment.

Insurance company drones can therefore improve efficiency and save money due to reduced time and equipment needs.

insurance company drones aerialTravelers, Allstate and several other insurance companies have been announcing the introduction of drones as a part of their regular assessment equipment. Allstate recently employed drones to assess spring storm damage claims. Though the typical length of time from the day the claim is reported to the time the repair estimate is issued is 11 days, the drones cut that in less than half.

When Allstate insurance company drones were used to assess the damage for the insurance claims, the customers received repair estimates in an average of four and a half days.

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