Insurance commissioner’s surprise announcement

Ken Rose, Michigan Insurance CommissionerMichigan is down one insurance commissioner. Today, Ken Ross, former holder of the office, announced that he would be stepping down, effective Friday. Ross’s announcement was a surprise as he was expected to hold office well into next year. Speculation abounds as to why Ross has abdicated his position, but Ross himself holds that the decision was motivated by personal reasons.

Ross was first appointed to the office in 2008 by then Governor Jennifer Granholm. The position normally constitutes a four-year-term. He oversaw the agency through trying economic times and helped forge new protections against insurance fraud in the state.

In  a statement, Ross expressed his deep appreciation for the hard work and dedication of his colleagues and staff. He notes that his years serving as the state’s insurance commissioner will be looked back on with pride and believes that his accomplishments in the office will far outlive his memory.

Michigan’s Governor, Rick Snyder, is now tasked with filling the void left by Ross. The Governor has yet to narrow down his options, according to a representative, and there is currently no plan to appoint an interim commissioner. While Snyder assures that the office will be filled soon, he has yet to give a tangible timeline as to when that would happen.

Ross will discuss his future plans at a later date and will continue to carry out his duties as commissioner until Friday, when he will step down.

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