Insurance agents and carriers bring their mobiles with them everywhere

Mobile CommerceA study conducted by FirstBest Systems, Inc. has shown that the majority of insurance agents and carriers either want or already use a tablet computer, and that virtually all of them have a minimum of one smartphone, and that they all want to have convenient information access, to be able to be able to perform tasks of a time sensitive nature quickly and easily, and to offer superior service no matter where they are or what time it is.

FirstBest performed the Mobile Technology for Insurance Survey while taking part in the Market Scout Entrepreneurial Insurance Symposium, which occurred in Dallas, Texas, in September of this year. The responses received from the respondents were categorized into two groups: agencies and brokers, and carriers and MGUs.

There were 46 participants in the agency and broker group. They represented 45 different companies. There were 67 participants in the Carrier and MGU group. They represented about 50 different companies. Two out of every 3 of those companies were insurance carriers.

What it determined was that the use of mobile devices is omnipresent within the carriers and MGUs group and that the appeal for laptops in that area has dropped. Other results from that group include:

• 47 percent of the respondents use a tablet device, and most of them are either an Apple iPad or an iPad 2

• Almost 100 percent use a smartphone and almost 17 percent use more than one.

Among the results for the agent and broker participants in are the following:

• 52 percent use a tablet computer, and most of them use an Apple product, either the iPad or iPad2.

• 100 percent of this group uses a smartphone and 4 percent use more than one.

For more information and articles on the growing mobile commerce industry and how others are using these tools to build business within their insurance agencies.

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