Institute of Medicine submits recommendations for national health care package

Health Care Reform NewsThe Institute of Medicine, a non-profit independent organization comprised of medical and insurance professionals, has submitted recommendations to the federal government concerning a health care initiative that would make basic benefits available to all Americans. The organization was tasked by Congress to determine action regarding the initiative earlier this year. Researchers have been examining the potential impact the plan would have on the nation’s economy and how it would synergize with the overarching health care law. According to the Institute, such a plan is well worth the effort.

According to the plan, as recommended by the Institute of Medicine, more than 68 million people would receive mid-tier health care benefits. Researchers have suggested that the plan be based upon a number of popular insurance plans currently available to small employers, noting that this will help consumers and keep the overall cost of the initiative in a manageable range. The Institute has not outlined the plans from which lawmakers should derive inspiration, but noted that care must be taken when choosing plans to mimic.

The Institute has also recommended that the government take further steps in involving the public as they will be the ones affected by the plan. By taking into consideration their concerns, against the concerns of massive corporations, lawmakers may be able to design a more consumer-friendly health care package that would appease the wants of consumers.

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