Independent hairdressers are learning the importance of hair stylists insurance

Hair stylists insurance - haircut - salon

This type of policy is more affordable and provides more coverage than many professionals realize.

Salon owners may realize that they need hair stylists insurance among their business policies, but independent hairdressers frequently don’t realize the importance of this coverage.

What is independent hairdressers’ insurance?

Hair stylists insurance provides you with vital professional and general liability coverage. This is important regardless of whether you are giving someone a quick trim or are creating a drastic new look. Many stylists don’t realize that this type of niche policy for an independent professional stylist is available. Among those who do, many are under the false impression that it is very expensive.

However, it’s critical to keep in mind that hairdressers work with sharp tools around people. Though this is typically very safe, it takes only a split second for something out of the usual to happen. This one instance could be exceptionally costly. Affordable coverage can protect an independent hairstylist from the financial impact of a liability claim.

Not all hair stylists insurance policies are created equal so there are certain factors to consider.

A solid policy for independent hair stylists protects a beauty professional from a spectrum of potential problems. Look for a policy that will include:

• General liability insurance,
• Professional liability insurance, and
• Business personal property coverage.

Whether you rent a chair at a local salon, you work out of your home, or you travel to serve your customers at a location convenient to them, these three forms of coverage should provide the foundation of your insurance coverage. That said, if you work from your home, you should be sure that you have additional property insurance. If you use your vehicle for transportation to provide your services, an additional auto insurance policy is necessary.

Still, for a basic independent hair stylists insurance policy coverage is exceptionally affordable. Not including property and auto, you can find the coverage you need for around $100 per year. If you are still a beauty student your coverage will be about two-thirds of that annual premium. This coverage will Hair stylists insurance - haircut - salonfrequently be necessary before a salon will hire you or rent you a chair, so these policies will not only protect you from liability but will also keep professional doors open.

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