Important tips to save on car insurance for teenagers

Teen Driver auto Insurance

Teen Driver Insurance

Discounts are available to reduce the cost of insuring adolescent drivers.

The majority of motorists who are younger than 25 years old will often find that they face very high car insurance for teenagers premiums.

However, there are three important discounts that are available that can notably reduce these rates.

These discounts are available on many of the policies that are available to these younger drivers, which can change their rates from looking like they might be prohibitively expensive, to something much more affordable. Make sure to ask your agent or insurer about these possibilities and make a concerted effort to ensure that you or your teen will qualify.

These three potential discounts for car insurance for teenagers include the following:

• Discount for good students – scholars who are maintaining good grades will often see their premiums reduced. Often, to qualify for this reduction, the driver will need to be 24 years old or less, and must have at least a 3.0 GPA or B average. This is a very important savings to investigate as it can lower rates up to 20 percent.

• Driver’s education classes – though it isn’t required that driver’s ed. courses be taken by motorists in every state, but even if you don’t necessarily have to take it, it may be worth your while for the ongoing rate discounts that you will receive. This is also beneficial because, statistically, those who have received formal training to learn how to drive are much less likely to cause or be involved in an accident or crash.

• Safe driving discount – this should be considered the most important reduction available for insuring teens. This is because the reason that adolescents have higher premiums is because they are considered to be inexperienced, a little more reckless, and therefore, a greater risk. Risky motorists are the biggest fear of insurers, because they make claims and cost money. Measuring a driver’s associated risk can vary from one company to the next. Therefore, one of the best things that you can do to pay the lowest rates is to do a lot of comparison shopping to find the insurers with the most favorable premiums, and then find out which ones will also reduce that cost even more by rewarding safer drivers.

Some companies will charge less to motorists who have never had any speeding tickets or other traffic violations, who haven’t had any DUIs, and have shown in other ways that they are not risky to insure. Of course, in order to qualify for this reduced rate for car insurance for teenagers, it is important that a teen actually drive safely and carefully.


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