Illinois launches new initiative to promote health insurance

Health Insurance Illinois

State aims to encourage enrollment into its insurance exchange

As the open enrollment period for state and federal exchanges in the U.S. approaches its end, many states are now making concerted efforts to boost enrollment rates in these exchanges. Per the Affordable Care Act, the open enrollment period is set to end on March 31. After this time, consumers will no longer be able to apply for health insurance coverage through exchanges until a new open enrollment period begins.

New initiative aims to help inform consumers about the services available to them through the exchange

Health Insurance IllinoisIllinois has launched a new initiative that is meant to promote enrollment in the state’s health insurance exchange. Like those in other states, Illinois residents have shown that they have relatively little information concerning the services available to them through the insurance exchange. Many people are unaware that they could receive financial aid from the federal government that can make insurance coverage through exchanges much less expensive than it would be normally.

Navigators will be able to assist those looking for insurance coverage

The initiative, called “Road 2 Coverage,” will have insurance navigators and other personnel touring Illinois and engaging communities where insurance awareness has been relatively low in the past. Navigators will be able to provide assistance to uninsured individuals, helping them enroll for coverage through the state’s insurance exchange. Many of these uninsured people have tried to enroll for coverage in the past, but were unable to due to technical problems that crippled the exchange’s accessibility.

Lack of insurance may expose some consumers to federal penalties after the open enrollment period ends

After March 31, the open enrollment period for exchanges will come to a close. At that point, uninsured individuals will be susceptible to penalties issued by the federal government. While enrollment in exchanges will not be possible after the open enrollment period ends, consumers can still purchase insurance coverage through the private market. While this may be a more expensive option, purchasing coverage will ensure that consumers can avoid the penalties that would be issued by the federal government against those without insurance coverage.

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