Identity theft insurance recommended for some Anthem customers

Identity Theft insurance

After the huge cyber attack that caused a data breach at the insurer, agents are recommending protection.

At the end of last week, Anthem revealed that it had experienced a massive cyber attack in which up to 80 million customers may have had their sensitive information compromised, and now agents are recommending that identity theft insurance be purchased in order to protect against the type of damage that those cyber criminals could potentially inflict.

The customers whose data was exposed in the hack could have their ID stolen, which could be costly and frustrating.

Insurance agents have been urging people to buy identity theft insurance in order to protect themselves against just this type of unethical access to their personal information. The purpose of the recommendation is to help to give customers a way to keep themselves safe when the security around their sensitive data has failed. There is a growing number of different companies that are selling coverage plans of exactly this nature, which has helped to grow the competition and provide consumers with a growing range of different options to better suit their needs.

Identity theft insurance is becoming easier to find and less expensive to purchase, for the average consumer.

Identity Theft insuranceThese types of insurance policy can be purchased on their own, but many customers can simply add them on to other forms of coverage that they already carry, such as a homeowners policy. This coverage is quite inexpensive and will usually cost no more than two or three dollars per month when it has been added to a larger policy. That type of coverage will usually provide around $20,000 to $30,000 in efforts to restore a person’s identity by overcoming some of a tremendous number of challenges that are presented when ID theft has occurred.

When an identity theft claim has been filed, good quality insurance policies will provide services such as a case worker who will take on the efforts to restore the components of a person’s identity that have been threatened, and will put his or her credit back in order, up to the maximum coverage limit of the policy.

That said, according to initial reports, there have not been a tremendous number of Anthem customers that have taken agents up on purchasing identity theft insurance. In fact, early on, the number of people who protected themselves in this way could be counted on a couple of hands.

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