Idaho texting while driving bill has many enraged

Texting While DrivingA bill was proposed by a house representative that allows individuals to drive and text at the same time. The bill states that the deadly combination is allowed as long as the driver is not distracted, once this occurs drivers can be fined.

Representative Marv Hagedorn, R-Meridian was the one who proposed House Bill 141. He said that any person who drives any automobile is not allowed to use any electronic gadgets that make him or her distracted or otherwise become unsuccessful in exercising due care. 

However, this does not actually ban driving and texting. A seventy five dollar infraction for distracted driving when the driver is using any handheld electronic device will be created by the bill. 

In most states, getting a cell phone violation will not make car insurance rates go up, but can the fine can increase for each event in order to discourage multiple offenders.

The fact is that it is impossible to have both eyes focused on the road and at the same time text. Rep. Hagedron stated that his proposal stands for a compromise between those who eliminated a texting ban in a legislative session last year and those who want to completely prohibit driving and texting. 

Many people have had bad reactions to the bill. Some agree that people’s lives are at great risk and that there is very little room for any compromise at all. In fact, statistics show that just light cell phone use, dialing and such, is such a distracting factor that is can cause drivers to be almost three times more likely to have an accident than those that are not. Many argue that small fines are not enough to deter chronic cell phone use while driving.

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