Idaho insurance exchange reaches new milestone

Idaho health insurance

Enrollment in state’s health insurance exchange has begun to accelerate

Enrollment numbers in the Idaho insurance exchange are beginning to pick up. The state has been promoting its health insurance exchange for several months, but relatively few people have enrolled for coverage through the exchange. The exchange is meant to provide consumers with access to affordable coverage, but misconceptions concerning the Affordable Care Act, as well as the lack of information available concerning its provisions, have made the exchange relatively unpopular with many people in the state.

More than 32,000 people sign up for coverage through the state’s exchange in January

Idaho insurance healthAccording to state officials, some 32,899 people enrolled for coverage through the Idaho insurance exchange. The Department of Health and Human Services notes that Idaho is now home to the second highest per capita exchange enrollment in the U.S. Currently, Vermont boasts of the highest enrollment numbers nationwide. As more people become aware of the exchange’s services, they are likely to enroll for coverage before the end of the open enrollment period.

Consumers waiting to sign up for coverage may be running the risk of missing an important deadline

State officials note that increasing enrollment is a positive sign, but Jody Olson, a spokeswoman for the state’s exchange, has expressed concern than many consumers may miss signing up for coverage before the open enrollment period ends. On March 31, open enrollment for all exchanges will come to an end, meaning that consumers will no longer be able to sign up for coverage through a state or federal exchange system. These people may still purchase coverage from the private market, but those that remain uninsured are expected to face federal penalties due to the provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

Enrollment rates expected to increase in February

The Idaho insurance exchange is expected to see higher enrollment this month than it saw in January. Early enrollment was stymied due to technical issues associated with the exchange’s infrastructure. Several exchanges were unable to adequately serve consumers because of these problems, limited people’s access to affordable health insurance coverage and attracting harsh criticism to the Affordable Care Act in general.

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