How To Personalize A Plaque For Your Outstanding Employee Of The Year?

Customized or personalized plaques are one of the most famous methods of honoring groups or individuals at a special event. 

Whether the plaques are for a promotional event, academic achievements, sports tournament, or corporate recognition, these crystal or acrylic awards always make a statement. 

The best thing about these plaques is you can customize or personalize them as per the interest of the receptor or on the basis of the nature of the event. 

How To Personalize A Plaque For Your Outstanding Employee Of The Year?

Here are some of the top ideas that you can utilize when personalizing plaques. So, follow the below-mentioned ideas. 

Select The Material Wisely

When it comes to the material of the plaques, you have a wide range of options. It can be wood, stone, and also any other metal type. In recent days, you also have the option of glass, acrylic, and crystal. 

Often crystal plaques are really great to showcase on someone’s desk, and at the same time, also enhance her or his corporate image. Each of the materials has its unique look, feel and obviously price points. You can select one from quality crystal awards

Yearly Distinctions

In case your team or organization presents plaques every year, you can consider redesigning them. This way, one will be able to distinguish them from the previous years. In case you expect the same recipients every year, it’s really great. 

 You can try some see-through materials like crystals, in case you are tired of giving wooden ones every year. You also can try to experiment with some color options in order to improve the overall appeal and aesthetic. 

Include Handwritten Signatures And Inscriptions

Imagine how much a plaque can become if it comes with a handwritten message from the CEO or head of the organization. If you are looking for something impactful, this can be a really great option. How can it be more impactful?

Thanks to the special engraving technology, and equipment, now it is totally possible to add a handwritten note on the personalized plaques. So, now, rather than just having the recipient’s name on it, a plaque also can have many more things. 

How To Personalize A Plaque For Your Outstanding Employee Of The Year?

Add A Motivational Quote

For adding more meaning to the plaques, you also can think of adding an inspirational code. You can use some hard-working quotes for the employee who has worked really hard in order to achieve an important success. Or something that will inspire an employee who has more potential to offer. 

Behind the success of every person, there are some motivational or inspirational quotes. Adding such quotes will allow the employees to look at it from time to time and get the required inspiration, which will eventually bring them to the goal and ambition. 

Just by adding your corporate logo, you will also be able to add more meaning to it. Apart from enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the plaque, it also will become more special and memorable to the recipient. An employee will have that for his or her rest of the time.

Other awards and prizes will distinguish your particular plaque. In addition to your corporate logo, you also can hire a designer and ask the professional to design a specific logo that will define the project or work that the employee handles. 

Some Additional Tips

I have already mentioned the things that you can consider while designing or getting a plaque. Here are some more engraving tips for you.

  • If you are celebrating the success of an employee, you can add his or her name in a bigger format and followed by the message and also the date. 
  • In order to appreciate an employee who has been working for a really long time, you can follow the appreciation plaques format. 


So, these are the things that you can keep in your mind, and when going to get plaques, utilize them. You also can search for some other options from the internet. Make sure you are considering the purpose and your budget both at the same time. 

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