Homeowners insurance storm loss protection strategies for N.Y. residents

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

Governor Cuomo recommends that people take action to protect their properties.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been advising residents of the state to reduce their risk of having to make homeowners insurance claims by taking additional measures to protect their homes against severe weather.

N.Y. is likely to be affected by 9 to 15 storms in one way or another this Atlantic hurricane season.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has made its announcements for the 2012 season and has indicated that anywhere from nine to fifteen storms are likely to occur. Any or all of them could travel up the eastern coastline of the country and impact the state with high winds, rain, hail, or other damaging effects. This type of event causes homeowners insurance claims to spike.

The Governor is hoping to minimize homeowners insurance claims with the right prevention.

As many of these storms are likely to build to hurricane force, with winds topping 111 miles per hour or more, coverage will be vital for people who own property. However, it is better for everyone if a claim doesn’t need to be made, or if it is kept as small as possible.

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According to Cuomo, “New Yorkers need to act now to make sure their homeowners’ policies offer an adequate level of protection against storm losses.” He went on to say that “As the typical homeowners’ policy does not always cover flooding damage, homeowners should also make sure they are protected from flooding.”

The Governor added that as there is a strong likelihood that there will be severe storms during the summer of 2012, he is urging residents to carefully go over their homeowners insurance policies to get to know what precisely is covered. He recommended that policyholders speak with their agents if they are uncertain about their coverage or if they wish to make updates.

Benjamin Lawsky, the superintendant of financial services, said that it is important that individuals never take for granted what is covered on their homeowners insurance. Instead, they should get to know what coverage they have with certainty, so that they know what possible losses can be claimed.

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